The CSC „AVE-MATROX” is an energetic, experienced, modern, and dynamic company with a reliable team of highly qualified professionals, who perform acceptance, storage and loading of light oil products. The close stock company “AVE-MATROX” has started its financial-economical activity in March 1994. The main activity of the company is storage of the light oil products.

Terminal of Jonava


The newly built terminal, the capacity of which is 1.200 m3, in Jonava was put into operation in September, 1994. The leasing contract of the Jonava oil terminal was signed with the branch company of “NESTE” (Finland) in Lithuania. The park of the ground reservoirs, the capacity of which is 6.600 m3, has been built and put to work in December 31, 1995. The construction of this terminal was supervised by the Finnish specialists. The terminal was fully modernized in 2004 – 2013: an automated terminal management system TAMAS was installed, an oil vapour recuperation system was equipped, reservoirs and equipment for automatic injection of multifunctional additives, dyes and bio-additives, were built, and a tank-filling computer control system was installed. The construction of a new park of reservoirs, capacity of which is 20.000 m3, started in 2014 and it was finished and put into service in 2015. The present capacity of the entire oil terminal in Jonava is 27.800 m3. All the constructions, buildings and equipment of the terminal meet the requirements of the European Union. The Excise Warehouse No LT0A07020007S was established in terminal on 13thNovember, 2003. Highly qualified managers of the company seek to promote the best interests of the clients, to limit the environmental impact, to provide a safe working environment. They adapt to changing environment flexibly, follow the optimal technological solutions and undertake:

  • professionally, promptly and efficiently fulfil customers’ requirements;
  • develop each employee’s responsibility for the quality of their work, safety and environmental impact;
  • raise the qualification of the personnel constantly, provide safe working conditions, care for accidents and illnesses prevention;
  • reduce the negative impact of the company on the environment, prevent environmental pollution, use natural resources prudently and rationally;
  • develop long-term, trust based relations with employees, customers, partners and suppliers;
  • ensure fulfilment of quality, environmental protection, personnel’s safety and health legislation and other obligations applicable to the activity of the company.


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UAB “AVE-MATROX”  Terminal in Jonava

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